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Set and Service Resources is looking for a Order Selector #EmploymentOpportunitiesBismarck #JobAdsNearBismarck

BE A TRAVELING Warehouse Order Selector!Must be willing and able to travel out of state over 60 to 1000+ miles.
Are you wild at heart? Adventurous? Hard-working, disciplined, self-motivated, organized, artistic, free-spirited and friendly?
Then we just may have the perfect career for you at SASR! SASR is looking for experienced professionals Order Selectors to join our traveling warehouse teams!TRAVELING RETAIL CHAMPIONS HAVE AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES Here is what our High Performers say they love about our Traveling Retail Merchandiser Jobs!It’s a perfect fit for those who love to travel and stay on the road!It’s a perfect fit for those who are looking for that sense of adventure!It’s a perfect fit for those who love the specialized part of warehouse operations!It’s a perfect fit for those who love a physically demanding but rewarding job!.It’s a perfect fit for those with selector experience of at least 1 year.It’s a perfect fit for the Night owl; those who enjoy working the night shift.BENEFITSSASR has a wide range of job opportunities across the USAPotential for Long-term work base rate for this program is $17 per hourSASR Provided Lodging options for travelers over 60 miles from the job siteSASR uses a point system that helps with automatic pay raises and other job benefits such as more work opportunities and preferred status.THE SASR COMMITMENT If you qualify as a SASR Traveling Warehouse Order Selector, here is what you can expect from us:Career advancement opportunities, including pay increasesPeer to peer trainingCompetitive pay
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